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The Orderlies
07 June 2006 @ 06:20 pm
Day: Depending on the physical strength of a patient, a character might see a male nurse all the time or not at all. The adult male patients are the best candidates for being escorted by them, but if members of any other denomination prove troublesome, they'll soon find themselves with a large, sturdily-built man in white at either shoulder. The orderlies themselves are intimidating in stature if not demeanor, and seem kind and apologetic even when suppressing a patient with the brute force they were hired for.

Night: Orderlies are very rarely apparent at night and when they do appear it usually means that that head doctor is up to something. Very few patients have caught a clear look at these hulking creatures, but the damage they leave behind makes their strength and tenacity fairly apparent. They have never been known to travel alone, but will usually be under the command of one or more Calm Effect nurses.

There isn't much known about what weaknesses these creatures might have, but they seem to go to great lengths to avoid coming into lighted areas or letting themselves be seen.

Male nurses are hellish beings that escort patients to special counseling.

Possible Dropped Items: Bottle of sedatives ((to be administered by injection, contains 4 doses, each good for two hours)), a key ring with three keys, a pass card to open the security gates

Rare Item: A Taser ((good for 10 uses))
The Orderlies
07 June 2006 @ 04:01 pm
Day: Calm Effect nurses might be the ones most obviously sinister during the day, which is understandable considering that they are only deployed when a patient is seriously misbehaving. Calm in tense situations to the point that they seem incapable of fear, they usually work in conjunction with male orderlies, determining what level of sedatives to draw into the syringes while the latter holds a patient down. To their credit, the CEs seem to give patients a chance to calm down in fear from the sight of sedatives before they actually make any injections, but naturally, patients tend to only become more hysterical at the sight of a needle, giving the CEs an excuse to use heavier drugs.

Night: CEs are more of a rarity at night than they are even during the day. You might get a slight warning of their approach though as CEs night forms are surrounded by a sickly-sweet scent. The drugs that they use so fondly during the day saturate their bodies at night and seem to form an aura around them, meaning that anyone who even gets too close to a CE at night may soon find themselves suffering a contact high.

It's usually best to attack these creatures from a distance if you are unlucky enough to come upon some, otherwise you may find your character getting lost in a pleasant haze, too drowsily content to protest as the CEs lead them off to parts unknown.

While CEs may continue to look relatively human by night that doesn't prevent them from being every bit as monstrous as any of the other twisted beings that roam the darkened halls.

Possible Dropped Items: minor painkillers; (aspirin, ibuprofen), small bottle of chloroform, gas antidote pill; (lasts one night)

Rare Item: lightweight gas mask; (when worn, allows patient to breathe comfortably in any gassed area with full range of movement, hearing, and vision)
The Orderlies
07 June 2006 @ 03:39 pm
Day: Perhaps the most skilled of the Landel’s nurses, the MWs are also the ones who provide one of the services most helpful to patients. Tireless and sympathetic, they clean, set, stitch, and bandage any and all injuries as quickly and painlessly as possible. Still, the rate at which the cuts they tend to heal is a little too fast for comfort, and stranger still is the fact that they never ask where all of these gashes and fractures--which they’re experienced with tending to--come from in the first place.

Night: At night, MWs seem to use their medical knowledge to cause some truly nasty wounds, using finger-scalpels and syringe-arms to cut open patients and then inject them with substances that makes the first gashes all the more painful. Although the placements of their hellish limbs seem varied, they all display the same general features and work as an intelligent, organized pack to guard their territory. One-on-one, they tend to be easy targets. Two or more and their daytime forms might be treating a patient for a very long while.

Possible Dropped Items: one of three possible fanny-pack first aid kits:

A: bandages, disinfectant, surgical glue; (can be used as a quicker alternative to stitches), syringe

B: bandages, burn ointment, cotton balls/swabs, syringe

C: bandages, splints, sling, syringe

Rare Item: key that can be used to open all storage cabinets within the Medical Wing

Mod Note: There’s a reason why this baddie drops such good items. As this type of nurse comes in a pack, you must defeat the pack instead of one single nurse to earn your spoils.
The Orderlies
06 June 2006 @ 10:54 pm
Day: Although the Institute’s disturbingly chipper atmosphere seems to permeate all members of its staff during the day, cafeteria workers might pose the only notable exception. After all, it’s hard to even fake happiness when shoveling mediocre mounds of porridge and mashed potatoes onto the plates of people who show their thanks with low mutters and suspicious glares.

Night: The unfulfilledness and misery of cafeteria workers seems to carry over into their night incarnations, when they take on forms similar to the dubious food they serve and the tools they use to serve it with. Their numbers are unpredictable and varied, though--between the coleslaw mass that bangs pots to deafen you and the woman with a butcher knife for an arm--they all seem to display an irritating kitchen theme.

Possible Dropped Items: knives, pans/pots, canned food/drinks

Rare Item: a container of vermin poison; (can be used against any animal, level of effectiveness depends on how much you use up and what size animal you're dealing with)
The Orderlies
06 June 2006 @ 10:03 pm
Day: All smiles and cheer, the front desk nurses greet patients, doctors, and visitors alike, always ready to welcome anyone into the crisply clean halls of Landel’s Institute. Questions regarding directions or appointment times will always be returned with warm and knowledgable answers, though one has to wonder about the motivations of employees so eager to help navigate people into the bowels of a mental hospital.

Night: Front desk workers certainly are helpful at night... in trying to force patients into a darkness far more permanent than their current mental state. They turn materials that they use to assist others during the daytime--such as staplers, pens, pencils, scissors, and other seemingly benign objects--into instruments of pain and torture which they can make a part of their body in their attempt to guard your way in or out of the entrance.

Possible Dropped Items: scissors, pens, paper weights

Rare Item: key to one locked door; (chosen randomly, reusable)
The Orderlies
06 June 2006 @ 12:44 am
Each Hall has one head nurse with three or four under-nurses who answer to her. Head nurses will usually not participate much in directly handling patients, preferring to coordinate from behind the scenes unless they decide a patient is being too troublesome to be trusted to their girls.

For the most part, each head nurse has selected under-nurses who fit into her own style of running things.

You can NPC nurses if you like or ask a mod to play one for you. However, if you do decide to NPC them please be sure to keep the attitude for that hall's nurses in mind when you do.

Head Nurse: Caroline Narrows
Under Nurses: Amanda Hoffman, Annabelle Ellis, Susan Black

Nurse Narrows tends to prefer a 'you get more cooperation with honey then vinegar' approach., but when one of her patients refuses to be properly cooperative and grateful for the tender care the nurses provide she and her girls seem to take it as a personal insult.

Head Nurse: Gabriella Burcham
Under Nurses: Carrie Francis, Regina Gable, Emily Merriweather

Nurse Burcham is a strict believer in fairness in all things. She shows absolutely no favoritism or prejudice no matter how a patient has acted in the past. On the downside, a patient who gets in trouble just once can expect the same sort of reprimand a habitual troublemaker would get.

Head Nurse:
Under Nurses:

Head Nurse: Hanna Bellsmith
Under Nurses: Camilla Shaw, Grace Harper, Annisa Redhawk

Nurse Bellsmith is an active, energetic sort of lady and seems genuinely concerned with the comfort and care of each and every one of her patients on a personal level. She and her girls try to establish trust and rapport with the patients in their care, almost always talking to them on a first name basis and seeming sad when discipline has to be administered. That won't stop them though, as it is for the patient's own good.

Head Nurse: Patricia Wainwright
Under Nurses: Alice Moore, Greta Hilldon, Natalie Evers

Nurse Wainwright has a very placid demeanor, never seeming to get upset or angry about anything. That doesn’t mean she or her girls will go easy on misbehaving patients though, they're more likely to stand calmly by and shake their head as the orderlies haul you off to solitary.

Head Nurse:
Under Nurses: